Shared with class check in dashboard?

Is there a way to tell in the dashboard if a student has pressed “Share with Class”? I get students who do everything correct, even put in explanations, then don’t press “Share with Class”. Right now I can’t figure out how to do this.

Not that I know of to do exactly what you’re describing, but I have some thoughts for pushing students to do it anyway.

My first thought is to put something in that will pop a “good job” type message, but only when they hit submit. Or a reminder note that disappears when they submit to class.

The following activity makes use of hidden: a lot.

For this reason I often remove the submit button entirely. Either on their side so there’s one less step to complete, on my side for correctness checking(so, don’t tie in submit at all for correctness), or both.

It doesn’t make sense every time, but more often than not, it works, and it works better. One less step for the user is always better UX.