Apple Pencil and Activities

Anyone have issues and work arounds for students accessing activities through an iPad especially with Apple Pencil. How can they enter values in a table?

are your students having trouble focusing on table cells while using ipads? Is it specific to using an apple pencil or for all input devices? (including fingers)

Apparently it requires a long press with touch for table cells for the keyboard to pop up, but cannot be done with the Apple Pencil. However this screen doesn’t allow “mouse over” on the sketch. Not as fancy as Robert Banks III work for “mouse over”, but not sure if tracing the graph in a sketch will continue to be an issue.

Good to know. I’ll forward this to our product team to take a look. Any other information you have would be great. Device and browser info especially

Eventually it seems a long press with pencil works on text inputs and table cells, but still no “mouse over”
iOS 14.1
iPad 7th generation
Safari 14