Managing graphing calculator projects

I’m struggling to keep track of my projects. I use Desmos for many different topics, usually with a few to many separate calculations. For example illustrating the different “paradoxes” when explaining special relativity or modelling different spacetimes in cosmology. My problem is that I’m reaching ~400 different saved models. There are folders for keeping things organised within a calculation but I haven’t found anything like that for grouping related calculations.

Am I missing a feature that can help manage designs or if not, how do other people keep track of their creations?

You could use and create activities and just import your graphs into components in a slides. So depending on your needs, you could have multiple graphs of a particular category in a single lesson. You can also organize your activities into collections. (They don’t need to be actual activities for students, just a way to utilize the platform.)

Also, maybe more useful than graph URLs for sharing as well, as that seems your intent, since desmos graph URLs don’t update with edits, but you can share an activity URL and updates you make will be reflected, meaning you don’t need to share new URLs.

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Thats a great idea Daniel, thanks. I’ll give it a go and see how it works out.