Can a copied graph be clickable?

I’m using the new CL way of doing “copy previous” to get a graph that students interacted with, to ask them questions about it. I’d like students to click and drag points on their line to look at the x and y c-ordinates, but the display is not interactive- it just looks like a picture.

My current CL is
background: graphLayer(graph1.calculatorState)
bounds: graph1.bounds

I’m thinking that using "background just takes a picture, instead of actually importing the graph content? Is there any way to do this differently?

Here’s the activity I’m currently working on: Wednesday 12/9 ZOOM - Systems in Context • Activity Builder by Desmos

Maybe instead of using a full screen graph, insert a table and have the students enter the functions in the table? Here’s an example:

I’m with @cwinske. You have a bit more control over how you use student input by using components outside of full-screen graphs.

In addition, to @cwinske’s example, you can add points that will move along student lines.
In the graph (not CL)


where x_1 and x_2 are sliders.