Disabling the "White" Point Label Border

Is there any way that you can turn off the “thin white border” that outlines all point labels in the graphing calculator? It would be great to sometimes have the text appear without that. Thanks for any help!

I didn’t see the label part of the question, I thought you were talking about the transparent border on draggable points, don’t know how to remove the label thing though.

I’m wondering if this has something to do with the size of the text that is used in the graph. The larger you set your text size to overall in the graph, the less of an impact the “little white border” has on the legibility of your text.

Scaling text in Desmos is pretty annoying (in my opinion) because it doesn’t always scale how I think it would. I have read a few discussion boards on this problem… but I don’t know if I’ve come across anything that explains what I’ve seen Desmos doing with their Activity Text…

Here is what I am trying to figure out. Desmos seems to be able to get text that is “clearer” than what a point label usually outputs; even with variable inputs from the user, the text doesn’t have the “little white border.”

Desmos Zoomed Out Pizza Text

If I try to do anything similar, it doesn’t seem to be the same?

Small text isn’t legible because the proportions of each character are goofed up by the border…
Desmos Point Label Small Text Size

But bigger text is closer to what I want because the border matters less? It just doesn’t scale very well!

Thanks for trying to help Colin, I appreciate it. Hope everyone has a great Friday :wink:
-Phil Johnson

Could you share an Activity when you’re having issues?

It probably is exactly what you’re describing - that you need to take into account the viewport when scaling text: essentially responsive text sizing. But it’s hard to know without what you’re working with