Can you reference a subtitle?

I want to reference a value I created in a subtitle of a slide. I used a random generator in a subtitle to create a unique starting value for each student. I can create a note in the body of CL and generate the numbers there instead to get around this no problem, but I was just curious if there was a way to reference a value created in the subtitle of a screen since I can’t name that component

Have you tried creating the random value in a different component and referencing that in the subtitle instead? That might make it a bit more reusable.

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i think that’s exactly what they did.

i agree with Kelly, it’d be nice to have named components for everything across and activity, including the screen and titlethereof, things would be really re-usable then in a better way.

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Ah, yes - it does state that quite clearly! Apologies, Kelly.

No worries at all :slight_smile: