Making Image Appear with Correct Graph (Animated)

Hi there!

I am trying to make a silly image of me appear for students who match the exponential function. In this slide, but when I try to write a conditional in the image opacity, it doesn’t work!

There are animation triggers up to t_10. And I’d like the opacity to be triggered by t_11 (The last trigger)

If the student’s function matches my function [ f(x)-g(x)=0] I’d like the image opacity to be controlled by t_11, if not then have be 0.

I’ve tried many things, but keep getting stuck on the conditional in the image line of the graph.

I hope I’ve explained this clearly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s the activity!

f(x)=2(1.5)^x is not really a valid condition. Here’s a correction thing I did for another person. Look in the Corrections folder. You could use “C_{heck}=0” as your condition instead of what you have.


So for my own understanding…I cannot ask the calculator to check if the difference of two functions is 0…BUT I can ask the calculator to evaluate a series of values of each function, then take the difference of the values of the respective function, total them, and if that total is essentially 0 the functions are essentially the same!

Here is the update I made…with a more flattering picture

Thanks for the help!

Yep. It’s kind of a more robust method of the CL technique of using evaluateAt for a few values.