Check correctness of functions based on characteristics

I would like my students to generate a function based on given characteristics (opens up/down, increase/decrease, function type, etc.) and receive the checkmark on the teacher dashboard. There would be many possibilities.

I found a way to get linear functions to work, but am having trouble with exponential, quadratic, and absolute value. I currently have the students entering their function into a table, but can change it to math input if needed.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I switched to a math input instead of a table, but came up with this for Slide 2:

Edit: Added slide 3. I used a regression in the graph and compared to derivatives of the function. All checking is done in the graph, instead of patterns (as in slide 2).

@Daniel_Grubbs, I appreciate you taking time to help figure this out…slides 2 and 3 will work perfectly for me!