Self Check CL Quadratic Graphs from two moveable points

Hello all! I am fairly new to CL. I can copy and paste and modify from activities that are similar to what I am looking for, but I have yet to find anything that quite matches what I want to do with this example. I would like for this activity where students graph a quadratic function given the equation and two moveable points to be self checking, and also to have a check mark show up on the teacher dashboard. Can anyone help me with that?

Thank you so much!!!

Hi there. I edited your first screen to be self-checking. You should be able to just copy/paste the screen and then change the desired function inside of the correctness checking folder in the graph. Let me know if you have any questions about how it works or want it to do something different.

It worked PERFECTLY! Thank you so much!

I was able to use the same screen and change it to linear, but I am struggling with exponential. On the STAAR test, the asymptote can be moved independently of the exponential function - and when moving it, the two “moveable” points remain still, but the rest of the graph stretches/compresses. Here is what I have so far -

And the two “moveable” points should not move the asymptote.

Can you help me with this one?


Is it like this? Draggable exponential

I was making it way too complicated. Yours is so elegant and beautiful!


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Ok I was able to do a “correctness check” for the graph part, but not the correct asymptote. Can you help me so that the “correctness check” is for both the graph and the asymptote?


I’m not sure - it seems to work as is? Whatever function you have for f(x) should work, regardless of the asymptote. Is there a specific function you are trying to make that’s not checking correctly?

Hm it was working, and then when I duplicated the page and tried to make a new problem, the correctness check no longer works. Thoughts on that?

Yes, it was a rounding error. I shouldn’t have had the check see if |f(x) - g(x)| = 0, because they can be off by a very small amount and not come out to 0. So I just changed the check to be |f(x) - g(x)| < 0.01, and that should solve it. [Copy of] STAAR Graphing Practice - Exponential Functions • Activity Builder by Desmos