Check if Image is in Correct Place

Ever used one of those “math” domino activities where there is a math problem on one side and the solution can be found on another domino? All of the dominoes eventually link together. Anyway, I wanted to recreate that activity.

I created the dominoes as images, imported them into the graph, and laid out a template for them to place their answers. Students move the dominoes into position on the template. What I’m wondering is how to code to check for correctness so (1) it can be monitored in the dashboard and (2) can be used to provide some feedback to students.

I’m thinking there must be a way to use the center point of each domino to be within some margin of error of the center point of the template domino but I can’t seem to wrap my head around how to get that accomplished.

Hope my question makes sense. Here’s the activity Piecewise Functions (Dominoes) Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here’s something to get you started.
So, a few things I did.

  1. Make a named moveable point and use that name for the center of your picture. Now your pic is moveable, but we can also use the point for calculations.
  2. In the image, I added point O(2,-0.9) to the center so that the point would offset to the corner and not obscure the domino.
  3. You can also use lists of points for images to display in multiple locations. That’s what I did in the folder “template”.
  4. Then the correction is done in “Correct?”

Edit: It should be fully functioning now minus the correct placement values, and I didn’t do the feedback piece. Let me know if you have questions:

This puzzle was posted recently and might help.

That is pretty remarkable. The manipulation of the pieces is smooth. Also, I hadn’t thought of adding a solution key for teachers. That would be handy. Thanks for the recommendation. Definitely something to learn from.