Checkbox choices to graph

I have two multiple choice lists for students to select terms to be put into a graph/sketch as point labels. I would like to instead give one checkbox where students could select multiple choices that would then result in each term being its own point label. Is this possible?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I would define a point for each choice with a variable to restrict it showing.
In the graph:


In the graph CL:

number(`n_1`): when mc1.isSelected(1) 1 otherwise 0

You could define your point labels in the CL or in the graph. They’ll just conditionally show based on an answer choice being selected.

You can avoid the need to create 24 points (and 24 number sinks) by taking advantage of the conditional order logic: Conditional Order W/ Checkboxes • Activity Builder by Desmos

List the choices in opposite order to find the first selected and the last selected - works best with two choice maximums

I probably should’ve looked at the actual activity. :laughing:

That is perfect. Thank you Jay.

So the follow-up question is of course, what if I wanted three choices? Is it possible?

I think there was a spot that said “maxchoices” in the checkbox CL, then add another point and duplicate the CL in the graph for the third point. There’s some more conditional to add for choice1=choice3 and choice2=choice3.