Checking students math in a table?

Hello! I am trying to create an activity that checks students’ math along the way. I’d like the note to reflect whether the student has calculated accurately.

In this activity students are creating rectangles with a certain perimeter, but varying areas.
The table currently checks their math and yields a check mark if their math is accurate. However, I want the note to also change text when the whole table is correct. The particular problem in the note has been tagged!

Thanks for checking this out!

Activity: Rectangle Area / Perimeter

I ended up changing a lot of your code, but it looked pretty solid. I think the biggest reason the note wasn’t changing when the whole table was correct was because the order of the conditionals in the content sink needed to be rearranged. Your ${great} check should have come first. Hopefully this helps!

@cwinske is correct about the order of your conditional. But just to clarify, when desmos reads through when-when-…-otherwise conditionals, it does one at a time starting at the beginning and stops as soon as a condition is met. In your code the perimeters=32 is the first when, but the second is that plus more requirements. Desmos will never use the second when because the conditions of the first are always met before reading the second.

@cwinske Thank you so much for this help, and thanks for teaching me!!