Why does mc.choiceContent require options with content?

I want to set multiple choice options based on student input in a table on a previous screen. When I set the MC options using CL sinks on that component, they don’t display. If I add any text at all to the options, they then display. But I’d rather not add that text. Why is it necessary?

The way the system is built, each existing choice is looking up to see if there’s a sink that configures what text it should have, but we’re not creating new choices based no setting the text for the choice from CL.

This is helpful for overall system behavior, since it lets the CL-specified text be paired with an image (for example), lets you create a key, guarantees that you don’t have missing intermediate elements (eg. if you only specified option 10, what should options 1…9 be), and gives us something to show on the teacher dashboard, where you can’t rely on CL for all students being the same / available.

It seems like we should potentially either make it a warning if you specify the choiceContent for a non-existent choice, or find a way to create a choice if you specify choiceContent. Would one of those make this work better for you?

Either one of those solutions would be better than the current situation. I imagine there is a preference among users for the second option (generate something if specify choiceContent), but a warning would be helpful for sure.

I have a table where the student is entering the names of strategies they use, up to 5. Then in following screens they are asked which strategies they use.

The problem I am running into is when they entered fewer than 5 choices (which is perfectly reasonable)-- I get a blank check box. Is there a way around this?

Pretty sure you can’t hide choices. Probably best at this point is conditionally displayed 3-, 4-, 5-choice components. Seems annoying to code. Maybe just “This choice intentionally left blank.” :laughing: