CL with checkboxes displaying input in a summary slide

I have an Answer Summary slide for an assessment that I’m giving on classifying triangles in a coordinate plane. The students currently have a checkbox option for what type of triangle it is. I want the table in my answer summary slide to display what they checked off in the checkboxes of each slide but can’t figure out the code for that. I feel like this is something simple and I’m making it infinitely more difficult.

Triangles in the Coordinate Plane Quiz

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I am working on the same type of thing.
What I just did was to create a variable for each answer choice separately then for the cell content of the table have the ${question.script.variable} for each one.

Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 2.49.42 PM

There may be a better way to do this. I’m very new to using the CL and have so far just gotten along by copying from others but I hadn’t seen this before and actually bookmarked your post to see if anyone else had any ideas.
What I’ve done so far seems to work in the preview.

Here is the link to what I have gotten on mine so far.
My checkbox question is on slide 6 (labeled Question 4)

This was essentially what I was going to suggest. Checkboxes and MC components are a little tedious to work with.

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