Dashboard Check Mark

I have a slide that uses a table for student input. The slide itself will inform the students if they are right or wrong. How can I get a the teacher dashboard to show a checkmark? This is the CL I have so far.

celldisableEvaluation(1,1): true
celldisableEvaluation(1,2): true
celldisableEvaluation(1,3): true
cellSuffix(1,1): when (this.cellNumericValue(1,1)=24) “:white_check_mark:” otherwise “:x:
cellSuffix(1,2): when (this.cellNumericValue(1,2)=66)“:white_check_mark:” otherwise “:x:
cellSuffix(1,3): when (this.cellNumericValue(1,3)=44.5) “:white_check_mark:” otherwise “:x:

Depends on what other components you have, but in your table CL, you just need all three of your individual conditions:

correct: this.cellNumericValue(1,1)=24 and this.cellNumericValue(1,2)=66
             and this.cellNumericValue(1,3)=44.5

Particularly for tables, I prefer to make a variable for each one, so I can refer to that variable in multiple places, and if I need to debug, only need to change conditions in one place. Like this:

check1= this.cellNumericValue(1,1)=24
check2= this.cellNumericValue(1,2)=66
check3= this.cellNumericValue(1,3)=44.5
cellSuffix(1,1): when check1 "✅" otherwise "❌"
correct: check1 and check2 and check3

Additionally, make sure any other components that might be adjustable are set to

readOnly: true