Copy points from a previous screen, reveal its coordinates as a sketch pad graph


I am making a scavenger hunt activity for linear inequalities (similar to the activity below) and I would like to copy points from a previous screen, and reveal its coordinates. However, I would like to reveal the coordinates on a “sketch pad” type graph. Is this possible?

Copies the point from a previous screen and reveals its coordinates

On the second slide, add a sketch and select editable graph. Use the same CL code you did for slide 2. In the graph on the second slide, make a point (a,b) as you did before. Add sliders and check Label for point (a,b) , then delete the sliders for a and b.

I am sorry. Here is the actual activity that I created. There isn’t a code on Screen 1. On screen 2, I just copied the previous graph, but I would like a sketch pad instead so they can illustrate their thinking (hoping that they will create a linear function and show shading).


In order to achieve what you wanted, you need to use the computation layer. The little gear icon on the component. That’s where the code I was referring to is located for the first link you posted.

I changed the first slide from a full screen graph. You could easily “cheat” by entering new lines with your inequalities. You might want to refrain from asking for “every point” and instead ask for all points with integer coordinates. Also, if (2,4) was intended as a freebie, it doesn’t satisfy Clue #2, so I changed it to (3,4).