Point Collector-Popular Screen Remix

Good Morning,

I would like to use a screen from the “Point Collector” activity and insert into my own activity. I would like to convert the graph to a sketch graph. I attempted to copy the Desmos graph URL and paste it as an expression in the sketch graph and also changed the names, but I am not having any success. I think the issue is in the CL for the graph where it says “numberList(“S”):aggregate(this.number(“s”))”, but I am not sure how to fix it. The link to the activity is below. Thank you for your help!

There are actually several issues popping up, but they are all the same problem. Any place where you have graph.number has an error because there isn’t a number source for a sketch. An idea for a workaround would be to have students make the sketch on screen 1 and then enter the inequality on screen 2 so the activity can keep track of their points.

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