Dot vs Checkmark

I’m having an issue getting the “checkmark” for correctness to appear in the dashboard.
I thought the issue might have to do with the readOnly sink, but I can’t figure out what’s wrong.
It’s probably something right in front of me that my tired brain is missing.
Hopefully a second set of eyes can help.
Thanks in advance : )

I made the graph readOnly, deleted the correct sink, then put this for the input to get the checkmark.

correct: g5.script.isCorrect

So you did the correctness check in the input instead of the graph?
Shouldn’t it work both ways?

Basically, yes. I left everything you had in the graph except for the last line, which was correct: isCorrect. Since you already had the isCorrect = ... built into the graph, I called on that in the input using script. I’m not sure why it didn’t work your way though. There must be a default on the Desmos end that if there’s an input, it needs to be read by the computer or by the teacher no matter what.

Basically for the dashboard to show a check, the graph has to have a correct sink or readOnly: true and a math input needs to have a correct sink or readOnly: true.

Edited after question below.

What is the purpose of having a readOnly sink in the input component then?

Sorry, when I checked I didn’t see one. There isn’t one if you have text input, but there also isn’t a correct sink. You should be checking text input because there’s no way to autocheck it reliably. If it’s math, it has readOnly because of the availabilty of the “Explain” portion.

I was hoping someone could help me with my activity. The first slide is really the only one I am working on right now. It will give students that green check or red x once they’ve entered their interval, but I am trying to figure out how to get the grey checkmark on my dashboard.

In your input CL, you need to set the correct sink with the same conditions as your content:

correct: this.submitted and this.latex="\left(-\infty,-1\right)U\left(4,\infty\right)"

Thank you so much! It worked! I love that the students can get their feedback instantly, and I can scan my dashboard after the assignment is due for any common mistakes to cover during the next class.

Remote learning has its challenges, but I am definitely getting some GREAT activities that can work once we’re back in the building.

Can you take a look at my second slide. I am trying to get a message similar to Lauren Ferguson’s but the note does not recognize the inequality I established in the Math input. I am also having trouble getting the check mark to show up in the dashboard.

You have an error in the note because ineq is not a variable in that component, it’s in mi2, so add this line into your code:


Slide 3 has input5 but should be mi3 I believe.

I would like to have a grey checkmark show up when they answer the factoring problem with either parenthesis first (first slide). I am getting the Excellent! and Try Again! responses when they check their work but I am only getting a grey dot when they type in the correct answer not a checkmark. Any suggestions? Factoring a>1

Nevermind! I figured it out :slight_smile:

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Can anyone please help me figure out why this isn’t showing a check in the dashboard? It shows the correct or incorrect icon for the students in the entry field, and seems to show x’s in the dashboard if incorrect, but no checkmarks. TIA!

(Exponential Equations not requiring logarithms practice • Activity Builder by Desmos)

Add readOnly: true to each of your sketch CLs.

You must put readOnly: true in the CL of the sketch component.

The dot is indicating there is something on the page that needs teacher attention - in this case, the sketch. By indicating it’s “read only”, it will focus only on the other markable components.

Thank you @Daniel_Grubbs and @pirsquared!

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