Correct sink - getting syntax error

I have 5 graphs that I am randomly choosing 1 and asking students to put solution in a math text. I want to set math text correct sink to check if the solution to the random graph is correct. I keep getting errors and I’m not sure what to change. This is where I am at right now:

correct: when (map = 1 and a1.latex = (1,1)) or
when (map = 2 and a1.latex = (-1,-4)) or
when (map = 3 and a1.latex = (-1,-2)) or
when (map = 4 and a1.latex = (-1,-1)) or
when (map = 5 and a1.latex = (1,-2))
otherwise “”

Take out all the when’s and the otherwise “”. Each set of parentheses will output true or false. So the series of or statements will either output true or false, which is what the correct sink is looking for.

If the when-otherwise just makes more sense to you, you need to have a result of true after each condition and false after the otherwise.

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