Correct: sink function

please advise why the [correct] function doesn’t work in the following screen.



I tweaked yours a little, so here’s my edits:

After perusing this support site, my understanding is that you will only see a gray dot on the dash when all 4 answers are correct, because you have text input for students. Including text input means that you’ll never get a check on the dash, just the gray x or dot. And I don’t think the students get a check, either.

In screen 2, I took out your hidden graph and put all the answers and checks in the CL for each Math Input component. To make a new set of problems, you would duplicate this screen, change the expressions or formulas in 4 notes, and change answers in 4 CLs

In screen 3, I used a hidden, readOnly table to store the question expressions (or formulas) and the answers. You will only have to change info in column 2 and 3 to make a whole new page of problems.

These 2 screens look exactly the same to the student, but screen 3 is much easier to duplicate and reuse for a variety of problems.


Gray dot or X when there is an explain prompt or a text input, or if a correct sink is available but not defined.

Checkmark when ALL components meet conditions of their defined correct sinks. If you don’t want a component to effect correctness, it needs to have readOnly: true which basically tells the dashboard to ignore that component for correction. (Note if a component has both readOnly: true and a correct sink, readOnly wins and the component will be ignored.)


Thanks for your prompt response and very helpful notes.


hi susan,

Many thanks for your help with screen-3, an excellent idea.

I couldn’t understand how the formula (the text) of Table’s column 1 make itself to display in the relevant note. How did you make the green object in the note components…


These are brief instructions for a possible way to organize interaction between Table, Note and Math Input components. You will only have to change two columns in the table to make a new problem set.


I’ve studied your suggestion, took some time, it’s an original idea (i would never think of it).

thank you very much, it helped open my mind to various options, not necessarily for the maze.


P.s. is there a way to combine the graph into an activity ?

and I’m very thankful

בתאריך יום א׳, 10 בינו׳ 2021, 19:18, מאת Susan Lauer via Desmos Activity Builder Support ‏<>:

What kind of activity do you have in mind? There are seemingly infinite options for activities with Desmos!

I see that I misunderstood what you intended with the maze. I think you could give credit for drawing line segments within a rectangle that surrounds correct answers, and probably deduct points for line segments that aren’t part of the solution. You could code the solution areas in a graph component.