Correctness Check not working

I’m trying to get a check mark in the dashboard on this slide

I know that it’s working within the graph, because I’m getting the desired outputs. I’ve entered “readOnly” on the components that will take it. It might be that I have too many components and can’t get a checkmark. Would appreciate someone taking a look.

Hi Valerie! First off, I love this pac man activity. Screens that have a free response can’t get a checkmark; once students have interacted, they get the dot indicating to teachers that they should take a closer look. If you really want the checkmark, I’d recommend moving the free response to a separate screen and carrying forward their equation/graph. In this case, I would mark just the graph readOnly: true since students don’t directly interact with the graph.

Hi Ian.

Thanks for the feedback. I figured it was something like that. I think I won’t worry about it, since the kids will have their own visual feedback as to whether what they’ve done is working.

Hey! Another sneaky workaround that I found for this is including a sketch component where you make the initial tool the text tool instead of the pen. Then you can set this as read only but still have students type in a response that you can go in and view later.