Getting a checkmark on the teacher dashboard for a previous question

I’m trying to have a test where students will be able to check their solutions later in the test. When the students first input their solutions I can get the checkmark to appear on the teacher dashboard, but I can’t get the checkmark to appear on the later screen when the student inputs are copied over.

I’ve tried several different variations and I can’t get it to appear.

The one I thought for sure would work, because it would be based on the score page was

correct = score.script.points1 =8 

correct: correct

I’ve also tried a few variations of

T = T1
D = D1

correct: T.script.correctd1 = 2 and T.script.correctd2 = 1 and T.script.correctd3 = 1 and #T.script.correctd4 = 1 and T.script.correctd5 = 1 and D.script.correct = 2

Which is how the correct answer shows up on the original slide.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

This is the activity Definite Integral Test • Activity Builder by Desmos

The code above is for Question 1 (slide 2), the Score (slide 18), and solution (slide 19)

Am I correct in saying that it doesn’t look like there will be any student interaction on these screens? If so, I don’t think you will be able to mark anything correct on these screens because of that reason (at least I haven’t had luck doing so in the past). Maybe someone else has a workaround.

That’s what I thought the issue might be… There are no student inputs on that screen.

I did find a workaround, instead of the checkmark if it was correct, I used warning to show if they didn’t receive full points. Which ironically used basically the same coding

when score.script.points1<8 "Missed points" 
otherwise "" 

You could always put a multiple choice as a reflection or something. “I think I aced it.” “I didn’t understand.” “I did okay.” Then, set the correct sink in there to your points. That way they’re interacting with something innocuous. I’d maybe keep the warning in case they don’t though.

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