Correctness of points on a graph

I stole this slide from another activity. In the activity I stole it from, the labels were short leg, long leg, and hypotenuse. I just want the labels to be leg, leg, and hypotenuse which I have adjusted. But, I want the “Well done” sign to show up as long as they correctly label the two legs and hypotenuse. Meaning, they can drag either leg label to either leg and still get it correct.

I also want to be able to give a point on their lesson score slide for doing this correctly and if possible, would like the dashboard to display a check mark. Is all this possible and can someone help me with the code? Thanks!


I edited just Screen 2 in this copy:

Is this how you want it to behave? I wasn’t sure if the original activity had a submit button to trigger the “Well done” sign, or if the feedback appeared as soon as the graph was correct (how I set it up).

The new correctness check for the legs asks “Are the x and y coordinates for both legs in the expected range, or, are the coordinates all flipped?” Hopefully it’s understandable how it is built from the original correctness checks, which I left in the graph for comparison. The visibility of “Well done” was controlled by an undefined variable ‘A’, which I switched to ‘C_{orrect}’. I also updated (1) the CL script for the graph component and (2) the lesson score slide to cover all checkmark/scoring considerations you mentioned. Hopefully that is helpful and makes sense; let me know if not!

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Yes! Thank you! Now that I am playing with it, what if I would like the “Well done” to only show up if they click a submit button? I feel like I have done that before but I can’t find it in my activities and I don’t remember.

There are a few options for a submit button. In the same copy of the activity, Screen 3 now has a submit button added in the graph. The submit button uses actions to (1) keep the feedback invisible until students have clicked submit, and (2) replaces the draggable points with fixed points when the students have submitted their work (but they can click “keep working” to make the draggable points reappear). You could also achieve the same effect with an action button outside the graph, but I thought that putting it in the graph could make it easier to transfer from slide to slide.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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