Cover Screen until previous screen is complete?

Does anyone have a suggestion to cover a screen until a previous screen is complete? Cover is in the screen computation layer. I don’t want to hide every element in the screen. I would like to hide the coverButton until the screen is complete.


Can we add hideCoverButton sink?

I believe it’s coverButtonLabel. If you set it to “”, the button will not appear.

@Daniel_Grubbs got it for the button.
Below is what I use to check for work in a sketch component from the previous screen.
To cover the entire screen- place the code in the top left side, next to Teacher Notes <>
*Note… you have to turn off the math & texts options on the Sketch component its checking, as it’s not able to check for those tools yet …

work= sketch1
previousComplete= work.sketch.strokeCount>=3

coverText: when previousComplete ""  
otherwise "🛑Please go back and complete the previous work."
coverButtonLabel: ""

Here’s an example of it:

The above covers the whole screen (the only way to cover certain components on a screen is to use the hidden sink for the components you want to hide) like this:

hidden: when previous.submitted  false otherwise true