Create a Bar Graph that displays student collection data from checkboxes

I have found the activity that allows us to create a starter screen to show student responses from a multiple choice question.

Classroom Data Collection Screens

I would like to change the code so that students can multi-select responses. So basically the graph would display multiple bars for multiple responses from students.

TYIA for help.

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I too was hoping for a Checkbox option for sharing data with classmates (or a limit of “choose 2 or 3” but when I changed the Choice component to “Checkboxes” it only shows the top-most choice in the graph.
Since this was created by the Desmos team, maybe @Jay can help?

We should add a screen for checkboxes here, thanks for the suggestion!
In the meantime, the move is to aggregate each selection separately, then use the join function in the calculator to combine them into a single c_lass list

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Thanks so much- thanks just what I was thinking of.

This in genius. I’m OK with most of it, but please can you explain how did you set the colour of the polygon used as a cover, to “White” ? I’ve only be able to reproduce it by copying your whole screen and then changing the bits I need, I haven’t been able to create my own white polygon to use the technique elsewhere :thinking:

You can add (any variable name) this type of thing in an expression line in the graph and you’ll see white appear as a color choice:


You can change the rgb values to create more custom colors as well.
(I don’t think it was available to everyone at the time of the original post. That’s why you didn’t see a color checked for the polygon.)

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Thanks Dan, I’ve managed to reproduce that in my graph
Screenshot 2021-11-12 204011
Here’s the Desmos I’ve created based on Jay’s activity
Multiple Choice Question with Aggregation

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