Display student multiple choice responses in a histogram


My apologies if this was answered as I couldn’t find it through multiple searches. I’d like students to choose from two different options on page 2 and then display the class data as a histogram / bar graph on page 3.

Thanks for any help!

Your activity is set to Private. If you’ve already figured out how to make a histogram and a bar graph, then it’s just a matter of setting a variable based on the student’s choice, and using it as a condition to display.

In graph CL:

number("n"): when yourMCName.isSelected(1) 1
when yourMCName.isSelected(2) 2
otherwise 0

If the histogram is selection 1 you would add {n=1} to variables or whatever in the graph that will display it. Similar for bar graph, but {n=2}.

Thank you for your response. I did figure it out!

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Would it be possible to only show the highest response chosen?