Creating Histogram from a Multiple Choice Answer

Is there a way to create a graph using the responses from a multiple choice question. I want to use the responses from pages 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 to create a graph on another page.

Welcome Leslie!

This is definitely possible.

I am not sure if there is a simpler/more elegant method, but what I would think to do is create boolean statements for each choice on each of those screens. So if you name the choice components choice2, choice4, choice6 etc,

Then within the components define variables for each multiple choice item.

G1= when choice2.isSelected(1) 1 otherwise 0
G2= when choice2.isSelected(2) 1 otherwise 0
continued to G15

Then I would use aggregate (which compiles numbers from all students) to create a number list and sum that numberlist. For example total(aggregate(choice2.G1)), and do the same for each answer choice. Then those sums would be what I would use for the histogram.

I am imagining the histograms would either be at the very end or on the same screen in which they are making their selections.

Hopefully this is helpful. I don’t have any short examples off hand. But I could maybe make one Monday/Tuesday if you need.


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I would greatly appreciate a short example if you have time! I am pretty sure I understand, but I know I am going to miss something on my own.

You could probably name the labels in the multiple choice section and recall the variable in the graph if you wanted to, but that may not be super important since I think your answer choices were the same on each question for your EOY survey.

Thank you so much!!!