Creating a dichotomous key using action buttons

I have a small dichotomous key that I would like to make interactive through the use of Yes and No action buttons. Is it possible to ask a question and have the student press yes or no and have the Note change to a new question based on each selection until they come to a conclusion?

Short answer: yes.
Long answer: it will probably get complicated or at least verbose.

What are your questions? Could probably do with a multiple choice instead of action buttons.

Basically I want to take that picture and have it turn into an interactive path. As they make selections the appropriate next question comes up or the solution.

Y = Protista
Z = Fungi
? = Is the organism autotrophic?

I also have issues with desmos hating certain words, like heterotroph and turning into other types of text.

I replied in detail under Daniel’s comment.

Also, Thank you @Daniel_Grubbs and @Mike_Gleeson for taking time to respond. I appreciate it.

How important is it for the logic tree to remain visible as you proceed throughout all steps?

Agreed. I think you could probably have 3 sets of multiple choice and redefine the choices within the CL. Maybe get fancy and pull them from a hidden table.

Here is a very simplistic example: Dichotomous key draft • Activity Builder by Desmos