I creating some example slides for teachers that involve various levels of CL. Students make a selection on slide 3, then answer questions on slides 5 and 6 about the selection made on slide 3. I am trying to code correct answers for slides 5 and 6. Can you help please?

This worked in the input2 CL:

correct: when this.isSelected(1) input2.isSelected(2) when
           this.isSelected(2) input2.isSelected(3) when
           this.isSelected(3) input2.isSelected(1) when
           this.isSelected(4) input2.isSelected(4) otherwise input2.isSelected(0) 

Thank you so much for your assistance. I was able to complete the CL for the last card by following your model. I feel like I was kind of close…not too far off.

Thanks, again!



You were very close indeed! I love that feeling when it works.