Put individual student values onto a bar chart

I want to get the classes responses populated onto a bar chart.

The data input is slide 3 and I would like the bar chart on slide 4.

If anyone could help, that would be fab! Thanks!

This should do the trick.

Thank you so much! Is there any chance you could tell me how you did that?! I have so many idea for my lessons and zero coding experience. I do love to learn a formula though!

Most of the work is on slide 4, in the graph component. Here’s the code I used:
The first line aggregates the class answers from slide 3, creates a list of all those numbers, and sends them to the graphing calculator. The second line is just adjusting the graphing window so the data fits within the graphing screen. The 25 may need to be adjusted depending on whether or not you think more than 25 students will estimate the same age.

In the actual graph, I have this:
Line 1 isn’t necessary as the class data will override what I have in this list, but I used it just to test out everything else. Line 2 creates the histogram. Line 3 is used for the bounds as the maximum value on the x-axis. Hopefully this helps a little, but let me know if you need more clarification!

I don’t think I’ll be making my own any time soon but can use this when I am comparing different bits. Thank you!