Correct Dashboard with Multiple Tables

I am still learning how to code, so I know what to put when I have one table and students correctly answer all items in that table. On my dashboard a checkmark will show when I put this:

isCorrect= table.cellContent(1,2)= "69.40g" and table.cellContent(2,2)= "5.825g" and table.cellContent(3,2)= "11.57g" and table.cellContent(4,2)= "13.21g" 
correct: isCorrect    

However, I can’t seem to figure out how to get a checkmark on my dashboard when I have multiple tables in one screen. If I put the codes in each of the screens, and the students answer each item in each table correctly, an X will show on my dashboard instead of a check. What do I do?

I figured it out, I had to put readOnly: false for each table to show as a checkmark on my dashboard.

Generally, you want to define a separate correct sink for each component. You ONLY need to put correctness conditions for that component (i.e. each correct sink will be different). If all components correct sinks are true (and components that aren’t graded are readOnly: true), then you’ll get your checkmark (unless you have a text input or explain prompt).

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