"grade" table of values in dashboard


I am looking for help on slide 8 of this activity. Slope and Proportional Relationships • Activity Builder by Desmos

I would like the table to “grade” it self and show a checkmark or x in the teacher dashboard. I am not sure where to start on the code.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am sure this has been answered somewhere, but I am struggling to find it in the forums.

I don’t know how confident you are with your CL so far, but if I was doing this I would firstly set up some correct conditions:


etc. This means that C1 will be “true” if the cell in the first row, second column is equal to 0, and so on.

Then you can use correct: C1 and C2 and C3 and C4 and C5 in order to show the tick when all five cells are correct.

The added bonus is that you can also then have lines like

cellSuffix(1,2): when C1 "✅" otherwise ""

which will automatically tick each individual cell for the students when they are correct.

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for. I am still very new to Desmos coding but I’m getting better. :slight_smile: