Checks in dashboard for table values

Is it possible to get checks on the teacher dashboard in my activity for slides 3 to 20?

Didn’t look at every single slide, but at least 3-6 in the table CL add:

correct: isCorrect2 and isCorrect3

Thanks! That works up to slide 13. “Problem #11” to the end are different.

I figured it out. I needed to add isCorrect for two cells and then add the line you provided. Thanks for the help!

The difference with the earlier slides is the variables “isCorrect2” and “isCorrect3” are set to compare the student answer to the target answer. Those variables are either “true” or “false”. That variable is then used in the when-otherwise statements to get the checkmark or red X.

In the later slides, they put the comparison directly into the when-otherwise statement.

You can take them out and make “isCorrect2” and “isCorrect3” variables like the other slides. (Also better to use cellNumericValue ). Then, use the same fix.

Thanks. Here’s what I did:

I appreciate the help!!

That works too. I would put the isCorrect2 and isCorrect3 into the cellContent statements because the way it is, if a student types 3 with a space, it will mark it wrong. That’s why numericValue is better to use.

Thanks for the tip :grinning: