Desmos incorrectly rounding values copied from another table

I created a table for students to calculate the decimal equivalents for three different fractions so they can compare them. That worked out great with this coding:

cellContent(2,3): when Table1.cellNumericValue(2,2) >0.365 and Table1.cellNumericValue(2,2) <0.367 "✅" otherwise "❌" 
cellContent(3,3): when Table1.cellNumericValue(3,2) >0.362 and Table1.cellNumericValue(3,2) <0.364 "✅" otherwise "❌"

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 7.43.11 AM
But then I wanted them to reflect on the values on the next screen, so I copied the table, but when I do that, the decimals don’t round properly.

cellContent(1,2): "${Table1.cellNumericValue(1,1)}"

cellContent(2,1): "${Table1.cellContent(2,1)}"
cellContent(2,2): "${Table1.cellNumericValue(2,2)}"

cellContent(3,1): "${Table1.cellContent(3,1)}"
cellContent(3,2): "${Table1.cellNumericValue(3,2)}"
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This is what shows up on the next slide: Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 7.43.47 AM

Any ideas?

cellContent(1,2): `${numericValue("\round(${Table1.cellNumericValue(1,1)}, 2)")}`
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