Round Table Calculations

I’m trying to force students to show their work in the third column of my table and have the fourth column evaluate it. That works, but it centers an irrational number so they can’t see the actual value. I’d like it to round to the nearest cent, but nothing I’ve found works. This is my current formula without rounding.

cellContent(6,4): when this.cellContent(6,3)="" “” otherwise “$${this.cellNumericValue(6,3)}”

The table is on slide 6 here.

Thank you!

Something like this should work for row 3. Just adjust the rows to make it work for the others.

cellContent(3,4): when isBlank(this.cellContent(3,3)) "" otherwise "$${numericValue("\operatorname{round}(${this.cellNumericValue(3,3)},2)")}" 

I also recommend turning off the cell evaluation in column 3. This works for row 3 again.

cellDisableEvaluation(3,3): true 
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