Rounding in a table cl

I’m attempting to have students reflect on their progress in class so far. I have a table created, but would like the overall percent in the table to be rounded to the nearest hundredth. I already have this for the cell:

cellContent(1,1): “{numericValue(" {firstDefinedValue(n5.cellNumericValue(7,2),0)}/

Is there a way to add something that will round the answer to the nearest hundredth? I keep on getting errors whenever I add to the cellContent portion. I appreciate the help.

It looks like you want to be using numericValue or simpleFunction and evaluateAt to actually calculate the percent to display. Without seeing the whole screen, I’m not sure if there are other mistakes. Here’s an example of how you can show a percent in a table that also rounds to the hundredths place.

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I appreciate the response, Craig. It’s fixed. It looks like I wasn’t adding the
,2 near the end of the line to indicate the rounding place. Thanks again!