Displaying Question on Sketch Layer


Is there a way we could display the question on Sketch layer?

Every time the student hits ‘New Question’ button, I would like the sketch layer to display the new question and erase the student’s working out.

For example, on sketch layer below I would like to display g(x) = √x + 10.

I could not find any sinks like “Initial Latex” or “Initial Text”. Hence, I was wondering if there was a possibility of displaying the question on the sketch component?

Thank you

Yea, you use a sketch with a graph background. Create points for where you want the text to be and then use CL to change their labels. Check out screen 8 on this activity to see an example. Unit 4, CYU #3 (Parsing and EMA) • Activity Builder by Desmos

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Oh and to erase the previous marks, you can use the resetOnChange sink, passing in the buttons presscount as a string, like
resetOnChange: “${btn.pressCount}”

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Thank you so much! Your solution worked!