Does AGGREGATE always collate in the same order?

Hi all,

This is one of those that’s difficult to test without doing it for real, so I thought I’d check in with the hive mind first. I want to set up an activity where students are part of one of two teams, and their collective scores are aggregated for their team. My initial thoughts were to have a multiple choice to generate a value (1/2) for the team they belong to, and then aggregate scores - so in theory I have two lists

T_eam = [1,1,2,1,2, …]
S_core = [35,14,19,27,47,…]
for example.

Then the total score for Team A is the total of S_core[T_eam=1] and similar for B.

Question is, do the aggregate lists always collate in the same order - ie. will the first entry in the “team” list always correspond with the first entry in the “scores” list, the second with the second, etc.? Or do they collate in a different order, such as the order they were generated or captured etc.?

If all else fails, I know I can create two identical versions of the activity slide and force students to one or the other (using conditional coverText) depending on what team they’re part of. But it would be neater (and less convoluted!) if I could just use one activity and ‘filter’ the scores accordingly.

What are people’s thoughts/experiences with aggregate? I’ve used the function plenty before but I’ve never needed them to be in a particular order previously.

aggregate list orders should correspond. It’s the only way that you could correctly collect data with more than one value (e.g. a point on a graph requires aggregating the x- and y- coordinates separately).

Of course - didn’t think about that. That makes sense.

Thank you!