Dotplot & Graph Range

From the great minds of Dash Young-Saver and Kevin McSorley, I’ve borrowed an activity to introduce sampling distributions for proportions. In the activity, students simulate random guesses, and their proportion correct is *supposed to * show up on the dot plot for all in the class to see.

However, something is going wrong, and I can’t figure out why.

Students take 24 guesses on slide 4, and they are instructed to enter the proportion of correct answers as an exact fraction. On slide 5, each student’s sample/simulation proportion should show as a dot in the shared dotplot.

When I look at mine in editing mode, the plot range looks good:

However, when I had a small group of students work on it, their points plotted well outside of this range:

Here’s the link to my edited version:

Did you check the student responses? Are they entering fractions as requested? You might need to add some warnings to make sure they’re entering something valid.

Outside your question:
There are min( ) and max( ) functions for lists instead of sorting and indexing the first and last elements.
Some constructive criticism, I found it exhausting to click the button and then guess, the button and guess. I think it would be nice if the actions for selecting a box also just progressed to the next guess. Or at least put the guess boxes closer to the button.

agree with everything Daniel said.

i’d add that, where possible, try to express your equations as equations rather than rendering as a static image. makes them more semantic and dynamic.