End of activity feedback screen

I am trying to code an end-of-activity feedback screen for students with stop-lighting a la Daniel Wekselgreen’s Foundations Quiz #7 on a much smaller scale because I teach 7th grade and am not a master of CL. I am having trouble with the traffic lighting for screens 3 and 4 (which combine into 1 traffic light) and screen 5. Here is the link for my activity:
[[Absolute Value Assessment • Activity Builder by Desmos]

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give!

On your slides with the graphs, instead of numericValue for c_orrectA and B, you need to use this.number(`c_{orrectA}`) and B instead. c_orrectA isn’t known to the CL unless you bring it in via this.number.

correct=this.number(`c_{orrectA}`)=1 and this.number(`c_{orrectB}`)=1

Not that you asked, but on the graph activities I would be tempted to ‘lock in’ the y-coordinate so that students are only able to drag horizontally along the number line. Also, you may wish to add in a ‘gap’ check to make sure students don’t just drag both points to positive 7 or positive 5/2 - something like n_otSame = {x_1=x_2: 0, 1} or similiar should do the trick.

I was thinking make a sorted list:

c_orrect= {total( { sort([x1,x2])-[-7,7]=0:1,0 } )=2: 1, 0}

(I actually tend to make correct = 0, so that my totals for correctness are always consistent without any extra manipulation, while most people use 0 as false and 1 as true.)

In addition, I would set y coordinates to 0 and limit the point drags to horizontal only.

Thank you both so much! I don’t know what I would do without such a supportive community of Desmosians!

So, I copied this into my graph and I am getting an error message about the brackets not matching. Should this be in the CL?

NM–I typed one of the brackets in the wrong place! :grimacing:

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