Equations of Circles Activity

I created this activity to help my students learn how to rewrite the equation of a circle to reveal the center and radius. I’d love feedback! I’d especially love it if someone has ideas about how to get Desmos to check the center and radius. I was thinking a table might work but couldn’t make it happen.

I changed the third slide to use a table to check for center and radius correctness. Does this help?

That works, but instead of having them write the coordinates separately you can use parseOrderedPair. Say the center should be (-5,2) then this would check:

checkCenter = parseOrderedPair(this.cellContent(1,1)).x = -5 and parseOrderedPair(this.cellContent(1,1)).y = 2

I’d suggest for the question slides asking for the center and radius that you insert the student’s equation so they don’t have to jump back to the previous slide. Something like this, but with backticks (`) around it so it displays correctly:


Y’all are awesome! Thanks!