Evaluating a function defined in a graph component

Hi - I have created a slide where the table ‘fills in’ the values of the derivative graph as you drag a corresponding point along the curve. The way I did this was to manually add the equation of the derivative to the CL of the table - which feels really clunky as I have already defined the function and derivative in my graph component.

Is there a way to evaluate a function in CL where the function is defined in the graph? Or should I be doing the evaluation in a different way?

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Any help would be great - thank you!


Could you use a table in the graph to evaluate? Then in the table component, use this code:

cellContent(1,1): graph.numberList(`x_1`).elementAt(1)
cellContent(1,2): graph.numberList(`y_1`).elementAt(1)
cellContent(2,1): graph.numberList(`x_1`).elementAt(2)
cellContent(2,2): graph.numberList(`y_1`).elementAt(2)

Thank you! I tried that on screen 2 by making a table with headings x_2 and f’(x_2) but when I reference that it says that f’(x_2) is an unreliable heading.

Could you have a look and suggest how I reference something reliable? My activity

Thank you!

Let’s try making lists instead:

Then you can call on y_2 in your CL:

cellContent(1,2):when x>=graph1.numberList(`x_2`).elementAt(1) "${graph1.numberList(`y_2`).elementAt(1)}" otherwise ""
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Genius!!! Thank you - that works perfectly! :star_struck: :star_struck: