Explain your thinking

Is there any way of turning the explain your thinking dynamically in the CL?

Currently you can only change the prompt. Do you have a particular use case in mind?

I really only want an explanation if the answer is “no” (since it’s essentially the same every time if the answer is “yes”).

Bear in mind that I am working with newly arrived EAL students with very little English, so I need the instructions to be simple or the overhead quickly gets too high.

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Nice work! Thanks for the suggestion. You might also consider something similar to (but not exactly) this to get you started: Choice and Explain • Activity Builder by Desmos
I’d even go for a sketch screen with your diagram in the back and use the classroom conversation toolkit (ex. snapshots) to facilitate the “why” decision.


I do use the classroom discussion aspect. But I find that with our students giving them that opportunity to write responses in Desmos is getting more thoughtful responses and from wider range of students. For some of ours, speaking up in class is a huge deal.

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