"faux" timed activity

So it is on my wishlist that Desmos Activities could be scheduled and have time limits :wink: but I wanted to work out a way to basically accomplish that in conjunction with Canvas (or any similar LMS). So here is the template I came up with (with a few random screens from another activity).

How it works: A Canvas quiz with a time limit is created. This quiz has exactly 2 “questions”.

  1. Not really a question - just the link to the Desmos activity.
  2. A short-answer where they will enter a “completion code” when finished.

The activity requires them to “submit assignment” on the next-to-last screen, which then locks all the screens and UNlocks the LAST screen, which gives them their randomly generated completion code. they must submit that in the Canvas quiz within the quiz’s time limit.

Mind you, I know this is a bit convoluted and “brute force”, and I probably would not use it unless I REALLY felt like the time limit on some asynchronous assignment was necessary, but I believe it would do the trick. Of course, actually verifying that they entered THEIR code would have to be done manually (or, could use the same code for all students and check it as a numerical entry, but that obviously could give rise to shenanigans :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:).

Thats a really interesting approach!

I haven’t seen much in the way of timed assignments. Really interested in the results here. Don’t forget to share!

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