Timed Randomized Practice with High Score Tracking (solves)

Hey! I didn’t really jump into Desmos until last Spring, but since then I’ve been diving into the computational layer and putting together some fun activities. One format that I’ve been using for a lot of skill-based content are these timed randomized practice activities.

Some features that are included:
-A well-formatted timer that tells the student how much time they have left
-A bank of 1000 randomly generated problems
-Tracking the student’s current score and overall “high score” on a slide
-Immediate feedback on correctness

From the coding side, a lot of the gritty work is hidden in a graph in the lower right-hand corner. This generates all the random numbers, calculates all the check values to verify correctness, verifies which “type” of problem the student should see, etc. I also started playing more and more with simpleFunctions and countNumberUsage to check for correctness.

This format is also pretty versatile; I have it doing everything from adding fractions (and writing the answer as a fraction in lowest terms), to what you see here, to even finding derivatives (that’s my current project for the Calc 1 class I’m teaching). I figured I’d share what I got, as well as hear any thoughts on how to make it better!


Nice work! I’m bookmarking this for future use.