Initialcellcontent: coordinate from a function

Hi, I would like my initial cell content to be a coordinate point, but even after trying various options, it does not display (it doesn’t show an error in the code) and I’ve double checked (taking info from related topics) that I am referring to the correct row and column.

It ends up displaying the InitialCellContent sink label in the editing view in the right cell, but in the preview nothing shows up.

So I basically need help to type the necessary code to show (x1, y1) where x and y are actual values.

Would you mind sharing a copy? It might be easier to troubleshoot by looking at the code.

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I’ve changed the activity to work around the problem, but will attach what I have here. At slide 23-25 I wanted to import the coordinate values from the graph as cell content. I also wanted to use the graph coordinates in correct: checks (so I may change up the graph where necessary) and not actual hard-typed values. As you can see it’s not done (I’ve only managed to complete up to slide 25 sufficiently to have my students actually do the activity, and I need it by tomorrow - that’s why I changed it).

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You’ll want to have the numbers you want to import defined as variables in the graphing calculator. I saw that you had an x_0 and an h variable in your graph on slide 22, so this code will input those values to the table. This would go on slide 23.

initialCellContent(4,2): "\\left(${graph22.number("x_0")},${graph22.number("h")}\\right)"

Since you want f(2), you can make a variable like p=f(2) in the calculator and then replace h with p in the code above.

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Thank you so much! I tried it out on a different practice slide and it worked! Thanks for the speedy response!