Get screen number?

Anyone know of a way to grab the screen number and use that to more programmatically do somethings?

In particular what i’d like to do is completely automate my script writing so that it looks something like this:

Note CL for, say, Screen1

mc=mc.screennumber (or something like this)

"Select the correct expression blah blah blah ${check}"


when mc.isSelected(5) and mc.submitted "✅ Correct!"
when mc.submitted "🤔 Are you sure?..."
otherwise ""

Right now I just assign mc as so:


And just change that assignment every screen, but i’d really rather not. It’d be handy to just associate the mc# with the screen number so that it can automate that part.

Possibly or Pi in the sky?

If you’re trying to access the current component, use ‘this’. If it’s another component on the same slide you need to access, then your current method is the only way.

Yeah i’m accessing the mc component in the note component so ‘this’ is out of the question.

However I’m not totally abandoning the possibility that there is some functionality along the lines of the


method in javascript that grabs the index of an array or whatever, where the array here is simply the collection of screens in the activity.

There’s currently no code available to access a particular slide, only named components.

Ahhh, too bad.

Thanks for your input.

If @Jay reads this, maybe a feature request?

Was just working on the same thing. I want the screens to number themselves so I don’t need to change the title when I rearrange the slides while building an activity.