Getting a check to show on dashboard

Is there anyway to get a checkmark to show on the dashboard with a question that has multiple answers like the first screen here: Triangles • Activity Builder by Desmos
The first 3 screens are the same question as I tried things like changing parts to “readOnly: true”
The last two screens were another problem I had difficulty getting checks for but “readOnly: true” fixed that type.

For slide 1, I’d basically copy on, off, required from the screen CL into your MC component’s CL (although you can use “this” in place of “mchoice”). Then just use:

correct: required

My personal standard practice is to always check student work in the component where it is being done (here in the MC). Then reference your correctness checks in other components if needed for feedback. After moving screen CL to the MC, you could reference the “required” variable using “mchoice1.script.required”, instead of having on, off and required defined in both CL’s.

I really don’t know what I’m doing and copied a slide from another activity and then edited the choices. I did try moving the CL to the multiple choice once but didn’t know how to do that and keep the feedback.
This helps a lot. Thanks!

I think this is what you wanted to do.

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