Correctness check for (Tables and multiple choice)

How do I get a check in the teacher summary page for correct input in a table AND answering multiple choice questions? I put an example of my slide 3, but I can’t do it for any of the slides.

Here is a link

You can’t get a check whenever you have students enter text of any kind. The dot indicates that there are no wrong answers in the checkable part, but that you need to examine the text yourself.

You’ll see that an X will appear if they pick the wrong MC option, but only a dot when correct.

In the CL for the text box, try adding readOnly: true

This would mean, it doesn’t check for correctness of the textbox, but will check for correctness of the table and the MC.

There is no readOnly option for a text input box, I don’t think.

I’m not sure why you can have a read-only Math input but not a read-only text input, but that seems to be by design.

Desmos have said they may change this in the future, but for the moment if you’re using a Multiple Choice component you can get dashboard correctness working by using explainPrompt: true in the component.