Google Classroom Quiz Mode-- lock down browser

I just noticed that there is an option for creating a quiz in google classroom. When this option is selected it has the option of locking the browser to only the google form which contains the quiz. Being able to do this with activity builder would be great.

Love the request. We don’t currently have any native support for this but we have some alternatives you could look into.

Need to lock students into the browser / create a more secure testing environment?

  • iOS: Apple Classroom, Guided Access, or AAC enabled apps
  • Macbooks: Apple Classroom
  • Chromebooks: GoGuardian or Kiosk Mode apps
  • Windows: GoGuardian or Take a Test apps

We are on Chromebooks. I’d love to have GoGaurdian at our school but the cost is prohibitive. I have not cracked the code on setting up kiosk mode. If anyone has suggestions for learning how to do this, and efficient workflows for making it happen, I would love to hear!

Are you a part of our facebook group? Between this forum and there I’m hopeful that you’ll find someone with that expertise!

My district had Go Guardian, but switched to Aristotle due to costs. It’s not as nice, but maybe worth checking out.

Loving the chat here, really interested in what other teachers are using in their classrooms to help manage browser use. I’m gonna convert this into a discussion to keep it going!